I met Nancy through an accountability group I’m apart of that meets every other week to help one another focus and follow through with our goals. Even though we have only known each other a few weeks, I am very much inspired by her and already feel she is a good friend. She offers a great tool to help with the psychology of makes sales calls. SW, SW, SW, N

Some Will, Some Won’t, So What, Next.

This can help every Entrepreneur move on after being rejected. It happens and the best thing you can do is ignore the feeling and move on to the next task or sale. I see so many business owners who are romantic about being an Entrepreneur but are not making any money because they are stuck in their fear of being rejected. Focus on the wins and disregard the losses. Think with your head and your feelings will follow.

We also discuss whether or not you need to change your vehicle insurance policy when you add you business name or logo to your vehicle. This can be in any form such as decals, magnets or stickers. Find out what Nancy says at 1:24

Here is some more details about Nancy from her website:


Nancy is passionate about helping others and building relationships. It started as a young child when she nancy & sonnywas enthralled with the older gentleman (the insurance agent) who came to visit her parents each year on the farm where she grew up. It was always a big deal to sit at the kitchen table and review their policies to make sure the family was properly insured…and that feeling led Nancy to her work in helping other families experience that same sense of security.

Nancy stays connected with her clients. Whether it’s at your kitchen table or in her office, she’ll take time to assess your needs, review policies, and create a customized plan to ensure you are protected properly. A former underwriter (so she understands the intricacies of your policy), Nancy can tell you if you’re adequately covered, paying too much, or if adjustments need to be made. There’s never any pressure or obligation…and she’ll do it face to face.

As an insurance agent with a Mutual Insurance company, Nancy provides coverage for all your general insurance needs including home, automobile, commercial, farm as well as mortgage, life, critical illness, and disability insurance. And she knows that when she does her job properly, you have one less stress to worry about during a claim because you are covered. Policies offered:

  • Home-based Business Package
  • Comprehensive Commercial
  • Home & Farm Coverage
  • Automobile Insurance
  • Mortgage & Creditor Insurance
  • Life, Accident, & Disability
  • Income Replacement