I met Maria in class during my time in the Ontario Self Employment Benefit Program and we’ve kept in touch ever since. I had the opportunity to create a website for Maria and hired her for housekeeping myself. She is very hard working and I would recommend her to everyone. One thing I forgot to cover in our interview was something that Maria and I have been discussing for quite some time. The struggle of charging a higher hourly rate. Now I understand the whole argument that you charge what the market can bare, but we have a new argument. Pay the amount needed so that your house cleaner wants to work hard, doesn’t need to steal and does an exceptional job!

There is no such thing as a good job for cheap, however many Londoners whine and complain of poor workmanship when they are not willing to pay for it. Next time you hear someone start to complain about poor service, ask them how much they paid before choosing sides. Otherwise you are tainting the ‘word of mouth’ advertising system.

Time is the most valuable asset I have and it’s worth every penny when I hire Maria and come home to a Fresh Clean house. I think of it as an investment. Less time spent cleaning means more time making sales! Tulip Fresh Clean can help you make more money. :D