Thomas has a lot on the go and I met him as the Executive Chef at Wich is Wich. His true passion is in home catering and he would like the the opportunity to cook and clean for you and your loved ones. What I wouldn’t give, as a woman, to have the experience of coming home to a hot cooked meal. Learn more about Thomas from his own words:

The In Home Chef started in 2010 as on outlet for me to express my take on food and dining experience. I wanted a way to show people that they have options , they don’t need to repeatedly eat the same boring food and go to the same boring restaurant.  I wanted to open their palate to a whole new world and give them the opportunity to experience fine dining in a personal and comfortable environment.  I know there was nowhere that people feel more at home then in their home and wanted to bring the restaurant experience directly to each person by offering a unique experience- personal in home catering.

Our take on food comes with a different approach than others.  We use classical preparations on food with a modern twist.  Ranging from de-constructed apple pie to vanilla braised halibut, we offer a wide range of custom menus that we can tailor to your liking and your event.

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