Women In Colour was founded by Mojdeh Cox, a feminist, activist, working mom of four, wanting to bring to light to the force behind women unified. As an advocate for human rights and equality, Mojdeh has an interest in connecting with other women, particularly other women of colour to share reflections too often left out.

Mojdeh believes that women united have an enormous amount of force; This blog was created to highlight that, and to highlight amazing women who motivate and inspire.  Women In Colour will be a platform for camaraderie, attempting to level the playing field of perspectives on issues that matter.

Mojdeh is a professional in the not-for-profit sector, who works closely along side the Labour Movement to lessen the impact of poverty, poor mental health, and difficult transitions families and individuals face day to day. Her interest in the intersectional nature of race, gender, and class inequality will be intricately woven in her casual reflections.

Mojdeh Cox lives in London, ON with her spouse, their three sons and one daughter.