Thanks so much to David for sharing his insights as an Entrepreneur and Partner of rTraction located at the newly renovated London Roundhouse. We discuss the future of Ellipsis Digital, branding struggles and what it takes to be President of a tech and marketing business. I truly aspire to be as hard working as him. (He also has 6 kids!)

Some deets I found about Bill to give you a bit of background:

  • David was born and raised in Goderich. Both his parents were teachers. His father was an instructor at Conestoga College, starting with high school completion courses, but moving into computer software and development in the 1980s
  • Picked up on his father’s interest by the time he was eight years old.
  • In elementary school he would create computer tutoring programs that he would enter in science fairs.
  • After high school he moved to Seattle.
  • There was little computer training back then, so Billson picked up HTML and other website-building skills intuitively.
  • He intended to go to a community college but the computer skills he picked up on his own quickly got him a job with a website development firm.
  • He started in 1996 and within a few years was supervising a team of eight.
  • David moved back to Ontario to be closer to his family and got a job with, an online service for farmers and worked out of their London office.
  • That service folded three years later and Billson started rtraction in 2001 with two partners, Shawn Adamsson and Josh Dow.

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