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This interview was so much what I was hoping to find.  Shelly Shepherd has somehowmanaged to turn blogging into a profitable business.  Her online diary of what she does on a day to day business has found her a huge audience online and she is making the best of it.  Then I learned also that she has teamed up with Jennifer Slay from Pink Ink to create a fashion blog using a membership sales model. This girl is just oozing of creativity. I can’t wait to meet others like her who are also making money blogging from the city of London. I know when I started my blog, London Horse Sports I was only able to reach a maximum readership of 5,000 readers per month and I know how she feels when it comes to sales.  Wouldn’t it be nice if your blog just attracted sponsors automatically? I found it terrifying picking up the phone those first 20 times and simply asking for businesses to advertise on my site so that I could invest more of my time creating content. But after a few no’s I started to get yes’s :D

Links that we talk about on the show:

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