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//TLS012 Jennifer Slay – Pink Ink

TLS012 Jennifer Slay – Pink Ink


I met Jennifer Slay from Pink Ink at my first Women In Business networking event back in May 2014 and learned about their contest called The Face of Pink Ink.  She and her partner Rita Perepelitsky both work full time as well as run their own business and take care of their young families. She offers great advice and I commend them for bootstrapping their business. That means not using credit.  They reinvest their profits back into their business. By doing so they have received some generous help from other entrepreneurs including:

To find out more about Pink Ink you can visit them at


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  1. Shelly Shepherd November 19, 2014 at 9:39 pm - Reply

    Great interview! Jen has such a soothing manner about her – she’s calmed me down on more than one occasion… I’m thinking I should save this interview to meditate with! Lol. Great job guys!

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  3. Michelle Kaplan November 22, 2014 at 1:42 am - Reply

    Jen perfectly portrayed the passion that she and Rita have for Pink Ink and why it is such a success! She gave some really great advice to those opening or running a business, my personal favourite being about focussing on what you do really well, and pushing that part of your business to sustainable success before shifting your focus to another aspect. Thank Jen for your kinds words. You and Rita are such an inspiration to me. Your drive will no doubt make Pink Ink soar!

    If you have not yet heard about Pink Ink, please visit their website at to learn more. They have a service for every woman, at every stage of life, to truly help you shine from the inside out.

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