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About Michelle Carter

Creative Director and owner of Carter Creations a Canadian Web Media Company. We design websites, video and audio productions including The Londonpreneur Show. Join us for a new episode every week as we share what it's like doing business in London, Canada.

Tim Ferriss Interviews Derek Sivers

Derek Sivers on Developing Confidence, Finding Happiness, and Saying “No” to Millions How to be useful to others: 1. Get famousdo everything in public and for the public , the more people you reach the more useful you are (the opposite is hiding which is no use to anyone) being famous 2. Get RichMoney is [...]

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TLS105 Wenday van der Meer – House of Wenday

With 12 years experience in fashion retail, and 25 years experience in sewing and design, Wendy launched her own eco-fashion brand in January of  2012. It started as just an e-commerce, and has grown to a small storefront, boasting top quality, handmade clothing and accessories made in-house by Wendy herself. The focus is simple; putting [...]

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TLS104 Beth Sutherland Empowerment Coaching

I have been working with Beth for a few weeks now and my life has already drastically changed. Since the downward spiral and end of my marriage, I never realized just how low my self esteem was until I started working with Beth. You may have noticed it yourself that something just didn't seem right [...]

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TLS103 See Horse – Tech for Horses

Like a FitBit for horses, SeeHorse wearable collects a horse’s vital signs and sends that information to a tablet, smart phone or other device, alerting owners, veterinarians or others when something is not quite right. SeeHorse can be worn on the horse at all times, allowing for 24/7 monitoring of the horse’s health, whereabouts and [...]

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TLS102 YouTuber – MarkFreeman408

I was so excited to find out that Mark Freeman lived near London and when I saw he had over 200,000 subscribers on YouTube and I had to ask him for an interview. Mark was very open and authentic with me and shared all his insights about growing his YouTube channel. He posts many videos [...]

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