breatheyogaKaryn discovered yoga at the age of 12 and hasn’t looked back!  She has used yoga and meditation as a way to keep her very crazy world balanced and sane.  As a wife, and mother to two lovely daughters, Karyn believes that she was born to spread the joy of yoga to as many people as she can.

Karyn has been a guest on London’s “A” Channel Morning, as well as Rogers Daytime and Bill Paul’s radio show, touting the awesomeness that is yoga! She has also brought yoga classes to local book stores, various childcare, elementary and secondary schools in London, as well as several London hospitals.

Karyn’s credentials are ever-growing and expanding as she loves to learn how to make her classes as inspiring, fun and supportive as she can.  Her great sense of humour is brought into each class, as she stresses the need for everyone to see the humour in life’s difficult situations. Simply put, yoga is her passion!