In recent years, the benefits of massage therapy have become widely known. What was once seen as a pampering practice present only at spas and resorts has become a therapeutic service integrated into rehabilitative and preventative medicine. James Miller is a registered massage therapist who started Ingersol Massage Therapy 9 years ago. Mr. Miller was inspired to become a massage therapist after experiencing the benefits of therapeutic massage treatment after he was the victim of an automobile accident.

A registered massage therapist (RMT) is much different than a masseuse, who only know basic massage techniques used in the resort or spa scenarios described previously. A RMT is knowledgeable not only in advanced massage technique, such as a lymphatic massage, which can provide lasting health benefits. A typical massage therapy treatment is not accomplished over the course of 1 massage session; to properly restore function and health to the areas being treated by a RMT, a client should undergo regular massage sessions for a period of weeks.

The challenges for Mr. Miller were numerous. Massage therapy is a female-dominated industry, so a male breaking into a female-heavy environment is not easy. The average career lifespan of a massage therapist is also relatively short at only 5 years due to the physical strain involved in the profession. Having been in business for almost double that time, Mr. Miller has gone above and beyond the call of his profession. Mr. Miller envisions his clinic expanding into a more integrated health centre, including other supportive services such as chiropractic, acupuncture, and physiotherapy, because not all treatments are equally effective for each client. We wish him the best of luck achieving this vision!

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