Nothing can love you as unconditionally as a pet can, and ensuring your pet has the proper care, including routine veterinary check-ups, proper grooming and hygiene, and ensuring your pet gets enough exercise. Kim Elsdon began her career as a professional pet groomer in 2002, and took her passion for pets and desire to run her own business to form The Pooch Playce Pet Grooming in 2014.

What sets Ms. Elsdon apart from her competition is her compassion for animals and ability to take on more troubled cases that traditional big box store grooming services may choose to avoid. A trip to the vet or groomer’s can be quite stressful for pets, so having a groomer with Ms. Elsdon’s experience combined with her empathy for pets that can be a handful is invaluable to your pet. A traumatic trip to a groomer can change how a pet reacts to people, so as a pet owner, you need to select a service that provides expertise as well as compassion. Ms. Elsdon also sews in her spare time, and has combined her business with her hobby to create a line of pet clothing available to clients.

Ms. Elsdon envisions a mobile grooming unit in the future, which will help with clients who own more “homely” animals like cats, or clients who don’t possess the convenience of a vehicle. Additionally, the mobile unit will relieve the stress of traveling to a grooming appointment. Ms. Elsdon hopes to keep expanding her new business, because as she states: “I do best when I’m busiest.” A properly groomed pet is essential to their health and can help prevent future health complications down the road. Please visit Ms. Elsdon’s new website below to inquire about her services.

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