Communication is one of the most fundamentally important aspects of any business. Without effective communication, customers can become alienated from your services due to confusion or a lack of confidence instilled by poor word choices. For Jill Ellis-Worthington, writing was always at the heart of what she did, but it was not until a shift occurred in the publishing industry that she realized that her talents could help her become an entrepreneur.

A veteran of over 25 years in the publishing business, Ms. Ellis-Worthington has written for a variety of publications distributed all over North America. She started Write.On Communication Services 5 years ago with the goal of breaking free of freelance and developing a company that was focused on helping businesses communicate effectively. Write.On has recently expanded beyond their initial 3 pillars of Feature Writing, Media Relations, and Public Relations & Communications to introduce Communications Coaching. Many individuals and businesses would rather invest in employee communications training than constantly outsource tasks, and effective communications coaching can provide.