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//TLS035 Adam Vandenakker – DJ Focus

TLS035 Adam Vandenakker – DJ Focus

club-mix-240x240DJ Focus (Adam Vandenakker) has been on the decks for over ten years, bringing the party to weddings, clubs, and special events around London. Thanks to his older brother Charlie (owner of Vanrock Sound), Mr. Vandenakker got to learn the art of live mixing at an early age. While many dismiss the role of a DJ as nothing more than a human iPod, a skilled DJ can really make a difference when it comes to keeping the party going. Anyone can play a song, but live mixing of popular tracks, reading the crowd, and blending in songs that progress well together are something that you can only learn through experience.

The key lesson that Mr. Vandenakker attributes to his success and longevity in the business is the advice given to him by Charlie: take any gig you can get, otherwise someone else will. This lesson can be applied to any sort of business. Vandenakker notes that he isn’t the most expensive DJ in the city, but that isn’t necessarily indicative of quality. His slightly lower price point also makes his services accessible to a wider variety of clients; weddings are expensive, and some couples have very tight budgets. Mr. Vandenakker believes that taking every gig and delivering a stellar performance is crucial, because the word of mouth generated as a result will guarantee business for years to come. Let that be a lesson to any aspiring entrepreneur: if you make a sale, you can earn a commission; if you make a friend, you can earn a fortune.


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