Amy Stevenson never thought of herself as an entrepreneur, but being exposed to the lifestyle through her two sisters-in-law, she is incredibly grateful that she decided to take the plunge. Being a mother is a full-time job, so for a mother to also engage herself in developing her own business is no easy task. Whoa Mama! is an event planning company that runs mom-to-mom sales events, where “mamas rent tables and sell their gently-used children’s items to other mamas”.

Being a mother herself, Ms. Stevenson can relate to the hardships associated with being a mom, and a Whoa Mama! event not only gives mothers a chance to make some money on the side or purchase a wide variety of children’s items, but it also gives mothers a chance to connect with and learn from other mothers. Ms. Stevenson states that her key piece of advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is to be open to teaching, both as an entrepreneur and a mother. New information and education is constantly being generated, so to be successful in either of those fields, it is beneficial to be open to learning something new!