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//TLS033 Wilson Boynton – Advanced Composites Training

TLS033 Wilson Boynton – Advanced Composites Training

Early on in his career as an aircraft maintenance engineer, Wilson Boynton never thought that he would become an educator, but when he and his colleagues encountered numerous challenges repairing aircraft manufactured with advanced composites, he saw an opportunity to become one. When Mr. Boyton completed his advanced composite repair training back in the 1980s, the only available training centres were in the United States. Upon his return from training at UCLA, Mr. Boynton decided to pass on his expertise and passion for aircraft repair and he started Advanced Composites Training.

The only school of its kind in Canada, ACT offers training to aircraft maintenance engineers on all things advanced composite. What is an advanced composite? Any man-made material bonded with a high-strength resin to give the polymer a relatively high level of strength. Think carbon fiber. Most modern aircraft are manufactured with advanced composites, so the extra level of training that Mr. Boynton’s facility provides gives a distinct edge to all graduates.

Mr. Boynton admits to some tough times during the early days of his business, and the one lesson he would pass on to fellow entrepreneurs would be to remain in control of your vision for your business. Only you can truly grasp what you are trying to achieve through your business, so retain that control and stay focused. ACT has been in business since 1992, so Mr. Boynton’s advice certainly has some credible evidence to back it up.

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