knighthunterWhen Mike Sherlock decided to found in 2000, he had no idea that the website would become a mainstay in the London area recruiting industry. Major players in the job listing game like Workopolis or Monster had the numbers, but they were lacking a streamlined, local focus and the personal approach to business that KnightHunter provides for businesses in the London area.

Because Mr. Sherlock runs exclusively by himself (with a bit of technical help from external contractors), he is able to offer a better value for companies who wish to list on KnightHunter instead of a large job bank site. He can keep costs lower due to smaller staff, and he can offer a faster turnaround time with a more personalized approach. KnightHunter currently has job postings from many high profile companies in London including Nestle, Western University, and Ranstad Engineering.

Mr. Sherlock notes that manufacturing and IT are the two strongest job sectors listed on KnightHunter, so if you’re an employer in the London area looking to list or if you’re currently seeking a job in the London area, check out today!