Many of us have experienced it before: there is a change in management at our job and it affects our job satisfaction, workplace culture, and even our career trajectory. Crystal Carter experienced this very same situation, but instead of accepting the less-than-desirable situation or avoiding it entirely by simply quitting, Crystal used the management change as an opportunity to launch her freelance sales generation business, Lead Dog.

Lead Dog is a natural evolution of Ms. Carter’s experience in sales and marketing. She began her freelance business by retaining a few old contacts from her old corporate job, and she built her business from there. Starting with a few freelance projects, Ms. Carter soon expanded enough to turn her freelance lead generating and marketing skills into a bonafide small business. Lead Dog has now been in business for over 11 years. Ms. Carter cites her most important tools as customer databases, LinkedIn, and picking up the phone, the latter of which has become somewhat of a lost art in today’s world. It all depends on who your client is: sometimes social media or email is the best way to engage, but if your client is a bit more “old-fashioned”, such as those in the trades or manufacturing sector, a phone call may get you much farther than an email ever could.