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Jewelry can tell you a lot about the person wearing it. Among the expressive of all of our possessions, jewelry has long been used to convey status (such as a wedding ring), organization (such as an engineer’s iron ring), or simply to convey wealth. Jewelry can also be used as an artistic expression of one’s personality, which can be achieved with an extravagant necklace or a subtle, yet elegant bracelet.

Custom jewelry takes that level of personalization to a whole new level. Susan Dinner, a graduate of the nationally-renowned Ontario College of Art & Design (more commonly known as OCAD), honed in on her passion for design and eye for detail and decided to start designing her own line of custom jewelry eight years ago.

Major events can help put our lives in perspective by causing us to expand our focus. Susan attributes the time in her life when she became a widow that shifted her perspective and made her realize that she should follow her passions and make a living doing something that makes her happy. Ultimately, our lives are a constant pursuit of happiness, and that is a big part of what being an entrepreneur is. Susan recognized that what made her happy was creating beautiful pieces of jewelry, and also the looks on the faces of satisfied customers when they don one of her creations.

Susan takes her passion for jewelry and helping people one step further by contributing a great deal to philanthropic efforts, including assisting in foreign micro-finance projects and local fundraising galas for the arts. Above all else, Susan is the embodiment of what an entrepreneur should be: dedicated and passionate.  Find out more about Susan at

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