During the SEB program, I had the opportunity to meet 25 other individuals also embarking into Entrepreneurship. For 2 weeks we sat in class together developing and writing our business plans as well as hear from speakers who offered insights into what it would be like on the ‘other side’. One such speaker was the lovely Sue Regier. Sue shared with us stories about her life and struggles as well as taught us business writing strategies and effective networking skills. I learned how to craft an excellent marketing message and elevator pitch.

The most intriguing idea that Sue put in my ear, was that we should think more in term of ‘coop-petition’, cooperate with your competition. We go into this idea more as Sue explains why she works with and trains her competitors and that we should think of our competition as opportunities more then threats. I agree we can’t work with everyone and I hope I will start to put into practice the great advice Sue has given me about my mindset.

Other notes:

Networking Today – number one online resource for finding networking groups across Canada (in my opinion) with over 40 groups just in London alone

Vantage One Writing – Sue’s content writing services

Passions to Profits

London Small Business Centre – Ontario Self Employment Program

My favourite quote “Get comfortable with getting uncomfortable” ~ Sue Regier

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