I met Amanda at her networking group Entrepreneurs of London  which meets every Monday for lunch at Crossings Pub & Grill.  She has been accepted into the OSEB program and has just started her own business called The Friendly Visitor which provides non medical services to seniors or individuals with health issues.

We chat about where she is in the program, what are her plans for the coming months and what she likes most about becoming a new Entrepreneur in London, Ontario, Canada.

I hope you will forgive the audio quality as I had forgotten to switch the mic input on my recorder to my Blue Snowball and instead it was recorded off the built in mic on my laptop. We had discussed re doing the interview but were concerned about it sounding more rehearsed and less authentic.  So I opted to try and edit out most of the clicks and pops and hope you will still get some value out of our conversation.

Amanda has been in the media on several occasions of late including RogersTV, The London Free Press and YouTube. All of which you can see for yourself on her website http://www.thefriendlyvisitor.ca

To learn more about the networking group that Amanda heads visit: www.entrepreneursoflondon.ca

Photo belongs to Craig Glover, The London Free Press http://www.lfpress.com/2014/09/08/crash-survivor-turns-hurt-into-an-asset