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TLS080 Chrystal Nicholas – Fit 2 Go

Chrystal Nicholas, is a motivated trainer who loves a challenge. "If it's something physical I'm up for it. Always looking to grow and reach beyond where I am at today. You only fail when you give up." She is also a colleague of mine from the Small Business Center's Self Employment Benefit Program. We get [...]

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TLS019 Jennifer Grigg – Social Dragon Marketing

Do you have questions about hiring a social media strategist? Are you interested in using social media for you marketing but don't know where to start? Have you met Jennifer Grigg yet?  She is an expert in her field with years of experience providing solutions to businesses.  I learned some key insights about how to [...]

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TLS013 Shelly Shepherd – 100 Things 2 Do

This interview was so much what I was hoping to find.  Shelly Shepherd has somehowmanaged to turn blogging into a profitable business.  Her online diary of what she does on a day to day business has found her a huge audience online and she is making the best of it.  Then I learned also that she has [...]

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