The Londonpreneur Show Episode One

The purpose of this podcast is to document and share my experiences as I create my own business in the beautiful city of London, Ontario. I started a web design/marketing company called Carter Creations with the help of the Ontario Self Employment Benefit (SEB) and the London Small Business Center (LSBC) in April 2014. So far I have met dozens of wonderful and supportive people who have given me not only advice, but also motivation and inspiration. This podcast is a way for me to say thank you to them and to share with you their knowledge. As our local economy struggles, I believe that Entrepreneurship will help fill in the gap left by the hundreds of manufacturing jobs we have lost.

My first guest on the show is Ron Kipp who I first met at Networking Wednesdays through the LSBC and during a Q&A session during the SEB business planning classes. Ron has all kinds of stories to tell about being part of all types of different business industries and real estate because he is interested in buying, selling and franchising them. If, after listening, you have questions or would like to know more from Ron, please visit his website at: or call 519-672-7700

If you enjoy the interview and would like to hear from more local Entrepreneurs please comment below about what or who you would like to hear more of and share with your friends who may benefit from this.

Some of the details we talk about: