TLS098 Jean L. Price – The DIVA Coach

I have never met Jean before we recorded this episode so you get to know her the same time I do. Jean has a very attractive personality as you can see and I couldn't help but ask her to judge me on the spot. She hit the nail on the head about my element being Air. I am full of ideas, get bored easily and prefer to start new projects then to finish one. Which is why it was such a struggle for me to get through these 100 episodes. Phew! Jean helps you find out if you are Air, Water, Fire or Earth and then determines how you should dress in order to bring out your energy to the fullest. Her background is in

TLS097 Nancy Kirwin – Townsend Mutual Insurance Company

I met Nancy through an accountability group I'm apart of that meets every other week to help one another focus and follow through with our goals. Even though we have only known each other a few weeks, I am very much inspired by her and already feel she is a good friend. She offers a great tool to help with the psychology of makes sales calls. SW, SW, SW, N Some Will, Some Won't, So What, Next. This can help every Entrepreneur move on after being rejected. It happens and the best thing you can do is ignore the feeling and move on to the next task or sale. I see so many business owners who are romantic about being an Entrepreneur but are

TLS096 Ang Wencel – Visions Graphic Artistry by Ang

Creative people inspire me and I had a great time catching up with Ang whom I've met through networking groups here in London. She is extremely talented and fast as well. Ang likes to help out with the startup community and understand their financial needs. A typical logo takes 2 to 6 hours and Ang's current rate is at $50 per hour. Find all about Ang in our interview and at: Here is the amazing talent that Ang has provided for my umbrella company Carter Creations  

TLS095 Lisa Vink – Sweet Sensations

Who doesn't LOVE Chocolate? Lisa has a very simple catering business that provides the most entertainment for every party. Chocolate Fondue is all she does and does it to perfection. Sweet Sensations is a family owned local Chocolate Fondue catering business. Only the highest quality products are used! The chocolate is the highest quality Belgian Chocolate and our Sephra Chocolate Fountains from San Diego, California are leading the industry in quality and performance. They have over twenty years of customer service experience and focus on providing nothing but the best service for our clients! Their goal is to make your experience with Sweet Sensations one to be remembered for a lifetime!

TLS094 Shawna Kwan – Elan Dance Arts

via Élan Dance Arts (EDA) offers a new level of training through many programs that are not offered anywhere else in London. Dance classes start from ages 3 upto adults. EDA is your best choice whether it's for certified examinations or simply for health, fun and recreation. We're the studio for you! Their programs range from ballet, scooters, musical theatre, hip hop, breakdancing, jazz, tap, acro, modern, yoga, pilates, and adult fitness. There's something for everyone. Even imagine your child's dance birthday party hosted by EDA! If you don't see the dance style you're looking for, we offer that too! Check out London, Ontario's newest studio! It's complete with fully mirrored studios with proper dance floors, custom made barres, junior and senior changing rooms and

TLS093 Katy Takaoka – SBT Virtual

I was introduced to Katy when she shared her story at Momondays back in August. It was a powerful story and I encourage you all to read it for yourself on her website. I've followed her personal brand through social media since then and joined one of her insightful online webinars. She is a wealth of knowledge and shares quite a bit in our conversation. I agree wholeheartedly that you need an assistant to help your business grow. Here is what Katy says on her website: As an entrepreneur myself, I understand how we business owners tend to believe that we’re the only ones who can run our businesses the “right” way. But if we don’t ask for help, we run the risk of losing clients!

TLS092 Maria Stoeckner – Tulip Fresh Clean

I met Maria in class during my time in the Ontario Self Employment Benefit Program and we've kept in touch ever since. I had the opportunity to create a website for Maria and hired her for housekeeping myself. She is very hard working and I would recommend her to everyone. One thing I forgot to cover in our interview was something that Maria and I have been discussing for quite some time. The struggle of charging a higher hourly rate. Now I understand the whole argument that you charge what the market can bare, but we have a new argument. Pay the amount needed so that your house cleaner wants to work hard, doesn't need to steal and does an exceptional job! There is no such thing as a good

TLS091 Passive Income with Solar

Mike Bloxam from Sun Tap Technologies helps me to discover the passive income stream opportunity of Solor Electricity. With a small upfront investment you could be paid by our local utility company for providing power from solor panels installed on the room of your house. Find out all the details in this interview and check out more about Mike at:

TLS090 Michael Balaban – Icon Home Inspections

Who doesn't love a Superhero. About halfway through our conversation you will get to hear more about Michael's fascination with Batman. I've seen several fan-obsessed posts come from Michael's Facebook profile which prompted my curiosity for an interview. So many London Entrepreneurs really do love what they do and so does Michael. Here is some more details about the business: A home inspection is one of the many important steps in the process of buying a home. Buying a home is probably going to be the most expensive purchase of your life. A home is an investment into your future, know what you're buying before you take that big step. Learn the ins and outs of your home from a Professional Qualified Home Inspector.

TLS089 Wanda Latuszak – Royal LePage Agent

Real Estate agents are a dime a dozen so creating a personal brand is key to success. Wanda shares what makes her different from the competition and why she works hard for her clients. I love her marketing strategy called Social Wednesdays. It's a great way to build real relationships with people whom you want to do business with. Now have an open mind as I sit down with Wanda and get to know her better myself and if you would like to contact Wanda goto: