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    1311, 2015

    TLS090 Michael Balaban – Icon Home Inspections

    Who doesn't love a Superhero. About halfway through our conversation you will get to hear more about Michael's fascination with Batman. I've seen several fan-obsessed posts come from Michael's Facebook profile which prompted my curiosity for an interview. So many London Entrepreneurs really do love what they do and so does Michael. Here is some more details about the business: A home inspection is one of the many important steps in the process of buying a home. Buying a home is probably going to be the most expensive purchase of your life. A home is an investment into your future, know what you're buying before you take that big step. Learn the ins and outs of your home from a Professional Qualified Home Inspector. Our mission is to provide our clients, customers, friends and family with the peace of mind and a thorough knowledge of their home and the issues that may be problematic in the future for home owners. I'm currently a licensed electrician and have been in the construction industry for over 16 years. I have worked on projects ranging from residential housing to commercial buildings to large industrial plants and manufacturing plant projects. Oh and I just discovered THIS: I wish I would have discovered this before the interview! Oh well, better late then never. Help fund operation BATCAVE everything any kid could ever dream of. Fire pole and all the batman possible theme [...]

    1211, 2015

    TLS089 Wanda Latuszak – Royal LePage Agent

    Real Estate agents are a dime a dozen so creating a personal brand is key to success. Wanda shares what makes her different from the competition and why she works hard for her clients. I love her marketing strategy called Social Wednesdays. It's a great way to build real relationships with people whom you want to do business with. Now have an open mind as I sit down with Wanda and get to know her better myself and if you would like to contact Wanda goto:

    1111, 2015

    TLS088 Thomas Waite – The In Home Chef

    Thomas has a lot on the go and I met him as the Executive Chef at Wich is Wich. His true passion is in home catering and he would like the the opportunity to cook and clean for you and your loved ones. What I wouldn't give, as a woman, to have the experience of coming home to a hot cooked meal. Learn more about Thomas from his own words: The In Home Chef started in 2010 as on outlet for me to express my take on food and dining experience. I wanted a way to show people that they have options , they don’t need to repeatedly eat the same boring food and go to the same boring restaurant.  I wanted to open their palate to a whole new world and give them the opportunity to experience fine dining in a personal and comfortable environment.  I know there was nowhere that people feel more at home then in their home and wanted to bring the restaurant experience directly to each person by offering a unique experience- personal in home catering. Our take on food comes with a different approach than others.  We use classical preparations on food with a modern twist.  Ranging from de-constructed apple pie to vanilla braised halibut, we offer a wide range of custom menus that we can tailor to your liking and your event. [smart_track_player url="" title="The In Home [...]

    1111, 2015

    TLS087 Dave Galloway – DJ Alpha

    On this episode I introduce you to Dave Galloway, owner of DJ Alpha Productions. He and his team not only offer DJ Services, but also audio mixing and editing too. He provided a few tips for my own podcasting skills and a totally random skill for the horse riders. Editing music tempo for musical rides, drills, freestyle dressage or Musical Kur. Click here to see what I mean. 😀 Here is a bit more info about Dave from his website: Owner and DJ at DJ Alpha Productions, DJ Alpha has been a fixture on the music scene since the early 2000s in London, Ontario. Playing 3-4 nights a week in London and area, he was 2x voted London’s Favourite Club DJ, voted London’s Best Club DJ, voted London’s Best wedding DJ, 2nd Best Wedding DJ in Ontario, 3rd Best Wedding DJ in Canada; these are some of the accomplishments DJ Alpha values highly. You can catch him playing live every Friday at 5:00 PM on Jack FM, previously playing live to air on Fresh 103.1 and 106.9 The X in London, On, and playing events for 97.5 Virgin Radio. DJ Alpha has played weddings in Las Vegas, Virginia as well as future international events coming up in 2016 and beyond. Proudly opening for Lil’ Jon, Classified, Sean Kingston, Kardinall Offishall, Down With Webster, Finger 11, Walk Off The Earth, Keys N Krates, The Arkells and more, wherever there is a dance [...]

    911, 2015

    TLS086 Debbie O’Reilly – Spoiled Thru Freedom

    Debbie O'Reilly from Spoiled Thru Freedom wants to help you remove the toxins from your home and replace them with more natural products. The result from doing this for her own home as brought her more happiness. So hire Debbie today to detoxify your home and see if it results in more happiness for yourself. The sole purpose of SpOILed Thru Freedom is to enhance the well being of everyone that lands on this site. Their mission is to change people's lives by letting them know they're not alone with how they feel. That you can take little steps every day through action, thoughts or even words to improve the wholeness of your life. They hope to help people rid themselves and their homes of chemicals and toxins. To lead a cleaner life through the use of natural solutions and to show the environment around us that we cherish it. Want to buy the shirt off my back? Better act fast! [smart_track_player url="" title="Spoiled Thru Freedom" ]

    611, 2015

    TLS085 Joanna Rogister – Life Stages Holistics

    Through homeopathy, nutritional consultations, cooking classes, seminars and workshops, Joanna shares how easy and simple it can be to feel good and look great. She’s passionate about sharing her insights on how mental, emotional and physical balance within your life will ensure you are enjoying life to the fullest. Helping women and men overcome the challenges of their middle years is of particular interest to Joanna.  So often, people believe the symptoms of menopause and andropause (the male equivalent of menopause) are something they have to live with. There are many ways of reducing these symptoms through homeopathy, nutrition, supplements, exercise, and lifestyle changes. Joanna has overcome these symptoms and has the knowledge and education to support others. I met Joanna Rogister, owner of Life Stages Holistics, at an accountability group I was invited to join this year. She is a wealth of knowledge when it come to homoeopathy and nutrition. What we discuss is her passion for helping others by simplifying their health and well being. Find out more at: [smart_track_player url="" title="TLS085 Health & Wellness expert Joanna Rogister" artist="Michelle Carter" ]

    411, 2015

    TLS084 Melissa Millett – In Dogs We Trust & The Ultimutts Show!

    The Ultimutts Stunt Dog Show is a very popular, interactive stunt dog show which has been featured on The Rick Mercer Report, Breakfast Television, Animal Planet, CP24, CHCH, CBC and more. Geared towards a large or small venue, the Ultimutts are like no other dog show! Founder and head trainer of In Dogs We Trust, Melissa Millett started training in competitive obedience as a hobby with her own dog in 1998 and immediately developed a lifelong passion with training dogs. Since then, Melissa has taught hundreds of family pets every year, holds training workshops for professionals in the pet industry including Veterinary technicians, Service Dog Trainers and monthly sessions for the staff and volunteers at the London Humane Society. As an animal expert, Melissa has been featured on Toronto's Breakfast Television, CP24, Global News, CTV, Animal Planet, etc.  Host of the popular Television Show "Doggy House Calls" on Rogers Cable 13, Melissa visits the homes of Londoners to provide them with effective and positive motivational methods to help change their dog’s behavioural problems. After the success of the first season in London, DHC was also syndicated to Rogers TV in Ottawa. Founder and performer in the 'Ultimutts Stunt Dog Show', a division of In Dogs We Trust, the stunt dog show boasts dogs that can walk tightropes, jump rope, ride scooters, skateboards, walking handstands, pick pockets and blame farts on people. A few of the Ultimutt stunt [...]

    211, 2015

    TLS083 Natalie Boot – Renaissance Massage Therapy Clinic & Spa

    I've know Natalie over a decade now and have enjoyed watching her business grow and expand over those years. We met when I was working at the TeleTech call center in Citi Plaza (Galleria mall for us older kids) and was taking advantage of my health benefits for regular massage treatments. Renaissance is designed to offer an enhanced experience of calm and peacefulness tucked away in a quiet corner of Citi Plaza. They pride themselves in being a haven for relaxation & healing with a growing demand for alternative and conventional medicine. To book your 'getaway' visit: Subscribe to the Podcast on: iTunes: Stitcher Radio: Libsyn: [smart_track_player url="" title="TLS083 Natalie Boot - Renaissance Massage Therapy Clinic & Spa" ] Follow Londonpreneurs on Social Media: Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest: The Londonpreneur Show is just another Carter Creation 352 Talbot Street London, Canada, N6A 2R6 Hosted by Michelle Carter Twitter @cartertechie Facebook : Linked In: Google+: Intro music is OLWIK - Villain (feat. Tyler Fiore) [NCS Release] provided by NoCopyrightSounds

    2910, 2015

    TLS082 Allison Pirani – Escapes Luxury Travel Concierge

    Allison loves to travel and luxurious experiences. She noticed over the last few years when researching holidays, she was never satisfied with what she found on typical travel sites or in standard brochures. She wanted to be away from the mega-resorts and enjoy a quality, boutique hotel that provided a glimpse of local flavour. She figured she couldn’t be the only one who had a desire for this type of travel, so asked around, and others shared her sentiments. That's when Escapes was born. Find out more at   Audio Podcast located at: iTunes: Stitcher Radio: Libsyn: [smart_track_player url="" title="TLS082 Allison Pirani" ] Londonpreneurs on Social Media: Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest: The Londonpreneur Show is just another Carter Creation 352 Talbot Street London, Canada, N6A 2R6  

    2110, 2015

    TLS081 Matter Architectural Studio Inc.

    Matter Architectural Studio Inc. is a group of Architects, Designers, and thinkers who pride themselves on meeting challenges that produce unique architectural solutions for public wellness and interaction.. Steven is a licensed Architect whose work has been recognized in a book called Revealing Architectural Design: Methods, Frameworks, and Tools (2014).  He has over ten years of experience and has been a part of projects ranging from small houses to complex healthcare facilities. As President, Steven’s focus at the firm revolves around the day to day business and operation of the company.  He is committed to being the main contributor in the production of all design concepts and holds a deep respect for the process of producing work that is on-time, cost-effective, and visually appealing. Phil is a licensed Technologist who has worked in his profession for more than a decade. He has worked on a broad spectrum of project typologies such as educational, commercial, industrial, and interior 'fit-up' renovation projects. As Vice President, Phil is the firm's point of contact for construction administration and site coordination concerns. He believes that the quality of drawings and detailing must be the same as the quality of the architectural design. Find out more in our interview. [smart_track_player url="" title="TLS081 Matter Architectural Studio Inc." artist="The Londonpreneur Show" ]

    1510, 2015

    TLS080 Chrystal Nicholas – Fit 2 Go

    Chrystal Nicholas, is a motivated trainer who loves a challenge. "If it's something physical I'm up for it. Always looking to grow and reach beyond where I am at today. You only fail when you give up." She is also a colleague of mine from the Small Business Center's Self Employment Benefit Program. We get to catch up in this very candid interview and find out what advertising Chrystal has invested in. She will be hosting an Open House to launch her new partnership with Venus Freeze technology: October 20, 2015 205 Oxford Street East London, ON Be sure to check out all her online resources as well as stories from successful clients and event fitness competition highlights. [smart_track_player url="" title="TLS080 Chrystal Nicholas - Fit 2 Go" artist="Michelle Carter" ]

    910, 2015

    TLS079 Ed Morrison – Ultimate Horizons Business Solutions

    On this week's episode I interview Ed Morrison who sells training to employers who would like to increase their customer service and telephone skills. Ed has years of experience in the call centre environment and can make a difference in your sales staff by teaching them simple techniques such as the use of a 'Warm Transfer'. Instead of transferring a call to the next department, introduce your customer to the next person that will handle the call in a new department. Find out more about Ed's services and workshops at: [smart_track_player url="" title="The Londonpreneur Show Ep #79" artist="Michelle Carter" ]

    2809, 2015

    TLS078 Jodi Simpson – City Match

    I just met the lovely Jodi Simpson who just launched City Match in June. She shares her services with several employers in our city who hire talent from accross the globe and help them settle in. Everything from groups and clubs to join, buying a home or insurance, introductions to like minded individuals and getting kids enrolled in schools. This is one Entrepreneur I'm looking forward to following over the years to see how she handles her obstacles. Find out more at: Jodi Simpson has been reaching out to and connecting newcomers since she was a young child when she assumed the role of meeting the new kids in school and introducing them around. Since then, her passion for connecting people, businesses and organizations, for building community and her commitment to the development of a vibrant London community has propelled her through a rich and rewarding career. Jodi understands the challenges that many London-based companies face to stand out, to compete for talent and the perception that London can be a ‘tough city to crack’. CityMatch evolved out of this understanding, a genuine desire to show newcomers the great city that London is and the opportunity to support her clients in meaningful ways. “Every step has led me here: my involvement in community building initiatives, my passion for the diversity of the human experience, my career as a recruiter, economic development agent, marketer and [...]

    2209, 2015

    TLS077 Mojdeh Cox – Women In Colour

    Women In Colour was founded by Mojdeh Cox, a feminist, activist, working mom of four, wanting to bring to light to the force behind women unified. As an advocate for human rights and equality, Mojdeh has an interest in connecting with other women, particularly other women of colour to share reflections too often left out. Mojdeh believes that women united have an enormous amount of force; This blog was created to highlight that, and to highlight amazing women who motivate and inspire.  Women In Colour will be a platform for camaraderie, attempting to level the playing field of perspectives on issues that matter. Mojdeh is a professional in the not-for-profit sector, who works closely along side the Labour Movement to lessen the impact of poverty, poor mental health, and difficult transitions families and individuals face day to day. Her interest in the intersectional nature of race, gender, and class inequality will be intricately woven in her casual reflections. Mojdeh Cox lives in London, ON with her spouse, their three sons and one daughter.

    2109, 2015

    TLS076 David Billson – President of Ellipsis Digital & Engine 74

    Thanks so much to David for sharing his insights as an Entrepreneur and Partner of rTraction located at the newly renovated London Roundhouse. We discuss the future of Ellipsis Digital, branding struggles and what it takes to be President of a tech and marketing business. I truly aspire to be as hard working as him. (He also has 6 kids!) Some deets I found about Bill to give you a bit of background: David was born and raised in Goderich. Both his parents were teachers. His father was an instructor at Conestoga College, starting with high school completion courses, but moving into computer software and development in the 1980s Picked up on his father’s interest by the time he was eight years old. In elementary school he would create computer tutoring programs that he would enter in science fairs. After high school he moved to Seattle. There was little computer training back then, so Billson picked up HTML and other website-building skills intuitively. He intended to go to a community college but the computer skills he picked up on his own quickly got him a job with a website development firm. He started in 1996 and within a few years was supervising a team of eight. David moved back to Ontario to be closer to his family and got a job with, an online service for farmers and worked out of their London office. That service folded three [...]

    2408, 2015

    TLS075 Rhonda Stark – Author & Mortgage Teacher

    Rhonda Stark is a respected independent mortgage expert, author of “Get Mortgage Ready: The First Step In Getting Mortgage Free Faster,” and creator of the Real Debt To Service Ratio (RDSR) formula. She is a sought after mortgage coach to those who want to get into their ideal mortgage and get mortgage-free faster. After graduating from the University of Western Ontario in the early ‘90s, Rhonda began her mortgage career as a Personal Banking Officer with a leading bank in the heart of Toronto. She loved her job, particularly working through the mortgage process with clients, but didn’t love the corporate environment. Although the trend toward mobile mortgage specialists wasn’t common at the time, Rhonda knew this was the direction she was headed. Rhonda doesn’t only help her clients get a mortgage – she builds relationships and works with them to create a plan, which takes them through their mortgage journey and ultimately to become mortgage-free.

    2108, 2015

    TLS074 Saidat!

    Saidat is a motivational speaker who inspires, motivates and empowers individuals by her selfless commitment to help build a better community, one community at a time. In the past 8 years, Saidat has been to over 800 schools and community events. On a weekly basis she speaks to over 1,000 students with her dynamic assemblies and full day presentations. Not only does Saidat speak out to children, she speaks to adults as well covering subjects like bullying, self-esteem, team building, compassion, and friendships. She leads a very strong message, from the heart, that One person can make a difference. Together we can change the world!