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TLS059 Dan Knight – Day 2 Knight Events

Ever since first watching the movie “The Wedding Planner” with Jennifer Lopez Dan knew that event and wedding planning was exactly what he wanted to do for a living. With a passion for helping people and planning events this was the perfect fit. After watching the movie he became involved in a number of events [...]

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TLS028 Rob Aitken – Music Central Entertainment For most people, their wedding is the single most important day of their life. Young girls daydream about their wedding day and plan out all the intricate details: her dress, the venue, the colours, and what her husband will be wearing. Reality TV stations have built up quite a following for popular shows such [...]

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TLS027 Mr. Eman The Mystery Man

Mr. Eman’s first wedding performance came by chance. He was living in Banff at the time and his neighbours had heard about his magical performances and thought magic would be a welcome addition to their elaborate wedding. This wedding was an eye opener! From the postcard picturesque mountain scenery, to the beautiful outfits of the [...]

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