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About Jordan Detmers

I'm a recently graduated Master's student from Western University. I work by day as the Regional Services Coordinator for Community CarShare, a cooperative not-for-profit carsharing organization. My spare time is divided between working for the Londonpreneurs as their communications coordinator and as a prominent nightclub photographer in London, Ontario. I also operate a personal blog that contains almost 60 original articles and essays on various topics of interest.

TLS037 Sylvie Verwaayen – Sylver Design

Anyone from London, Ontario knows of H.B. Beal Secondary School's Arts program and its amazing reputation. Students from all over London attend Bealart to hone their incredible talents with the hope of sculpting a career out of them. Sylvie Verwaayen, a Bealart grad, knew she was a talented artist when she attended Beal and later [...]

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TLS036 Jill Ellis-Worthington – Write.On Communication Services International

Communication is one of the most fundamentally important aspects of any business. Without effective communication, customers can become alienated from your services due to confusion or a lack of confidence instilled by poor word choices. For Jill Ellis-Worthington, writing was always at the heart of what she did, but it was not until a shift [...]

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TLS035 Adam Vandenakker – DJ Focus

DJ Focus (Adam Vandenakker) has been on the decks for over ten years, bringing the party to weddings, clubs, and special events around London. Thanks to his older brother Charlie (owner of Vanrock Sound), Mr. Vandenakker got to learn the art of live mixing at an early age. While many dismiss the role of a [...]

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TLS034 Amy Stevenson – Whoa Mama! Amy Stevenson never thought of herself as an entrepreneur, but being exposed to the lifestyle through her two sisters-in-law, she is incredibly grateful that she decided to take the plunge. Being a mother is a full-time job, so for a mother to also engage herself in developing her own business is no easy [...]

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TLS033 Wilson Boynton – Advanced Composites Training Early on in his career as an aircraft maintenance engineer, Wilson Boynton never thought that he would become an educator, but when he and his colleagues encountered numerous challenges repairing aircraft manufactured with advanced composites, he saw an opportunity to become one. When Mr. Boyton completed his advanced composite repair training back in [...]

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TLS031 Mike Sherlock –

When Mike Sherlock decided to found in 2000, he had no idea that the website would become a mainstay in the London area recruiting industry. Major players in the job listing game like Workopolis or Monster had the numbers, but they were lacking a streamlined, local focus and the personal approach to business that [...]

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TLS030 Crystal Carter – Lead Dog Many of us have experienced it before: there is a change in management at our job and it affects our job satisfaction, workplace culture, and even our career trajectory. Crystal Carter experienced this very same situation, but instead of accepting the less-than-desirable situation or avoiding it entirely by simply quitting, Crystal used [...]

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TLS029 Susan Dinner – Custom Art Jewelery

Jewelry can tell you a lot about the person wearing it. Among the expressive of all of our possessions, jewelry has long been used to convey status (such as a wedding ring), organization (such as an engineer’s iron ring), or simply to convey wealth. Jewelry can also be used as an artistic expression of one’s [...]

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TLS028 Rob Aitken – Music Central Entertainment For most people, their wedding is the single most important day of their life. Young girls daydream about their wedding day and plan out all the intricate details: her dress, the venue, the colours, and what her husband will be wearing. Reality TV stations have built up quite a following for popular shows such [...]

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