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TLS098 Jean L. Price – The DIVA Coach

//TLS098 Jean L. Price – The DIVA Coach

I have never met Jean before we recorded this episode so you get to know her the same time I do. Jean has a very attractive personality as you can see and I couldn’t help but ask her to judge me on the spot. She hit the nail on the head about my element being Air. I am full of ideas, get bored easily and prefer to start new projects then to finish one. Which is why it was such a struggle for me to get through these 100 episodes. Phew!

Jean helps you find out if you are Air, Water, Fire or Earth and then determines how you should dress in order to bring out your energy to the fullest. Her background is in Fashion Design and has watched many in the industry struggle to compete in our current global marketplace and advises to find a niche to help you stand out. Find out more about Jean at:



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