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Tim Ferriss Interviews Derek Sivers

Derek Sivers on Developing Confidence, Finding Happiness, and Saying “No” to Millions How to be useful to others: 1. Get famousdo everything in public and for the public , the more people you reach the more useful you are (the opposite is hiding which is no use to anyone) being famous 2. Get RichMoney is [...]

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TLS105 Wenday van der Meer – House of Wenday

With 12 years experience in fashion retail, and 25 years experience in sewing and design, Wendy launched her own eco-fashion brand in January of  2012. It started as just an e-commerce, and has grown to a small storefront, boasting top quality, handmade clothing and accessories made in-house by Wendy herself. The focus is simple; putting [...]

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TLS103 See Horse – Tech for Horses

Like a FitBit for horses, SeeHorse wearable collects a horse’s vital signs and sends that information to a tablet, smart phone or other device, alerting owners, veterinarians or others when something is not quite right. SeeHorse can be worn on the horse at all times, allowing for 24/7 monitoring of the horse’s health, whereabouts and [...]

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