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TLS093 Katy Takaoka – SBT Virtual

I was introduced to Katy when she shared her story at Momondays back in August. It was a powerful story and I encourage you all to read it for yourself on her website. I've followed her personal brand through social media since then and joined one of her insightful online webinars. She is a wealth of [...]

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TLS091 Passive Income with Solar

Mike Bloxam from Sun Tap Technologies helps me to discover the passive income stream opportunity of Solor Electricity. With a small upfront investment you could be paid by our local utility company for providing power from solor panels installed on the room of your house. Find out all the details in this interview and check [...]

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TLS090 Michael Balaban – Icon Home Inspections

Who doesn't love a Superhero. About halfway through our conversation you will get to hear more about Michael's fascination with Batman. I've seen several fan-obsessed posts come from Michael's Facebook profile which prompted my curiosity for an interview. So many London Entrepreneurs really do love what they do and so does Michael. Here is some [...]

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TLS089 Wanda Latuszak – Royal LePage Agent

Real Estate agents are a dime a dozen so creating a personal brand is key to success. Wanda shares what makes her different from the competition and why she works hard for her clients. I love her marketing strategy called Social Wednesdays. It's a great way to build real relationships with people whom you want [...]

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TLS087 Dave Galloway – DJ Alpha

On this episode I introduce you to Dave Galloway, owner of DJ Alpha Productions. He and his team not only offer DJ Services, but also audio mixing and editing too. He provided a few tips for my own podcasting skills and a totally random skill for the horse riders. Editing music tempo for musical rides, drills, [...]

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TLS085 Joanna Rogister – Life Stages Holistics

Through homeopathy, nutritional consultations, cooking classes, seminars and workshops, Joanna shares how easy and simple it can be to feel good and look great. She’s passionate about sharing her insights on how mental, emotional and physical balance within your life will ensure you are enjoying life to the fullest. Helping women and men overcome the [...]

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